Age of Sigmar – Model Assembly

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Age of Sigmar

Hello here’s my ongoing thread for my thoughts and tips on the assembly of the Age of Sigmar miniatures

Firstly I would like to say that these miniatures are really well produced and have barely any mould lines are fun to construct and are wonderful models.

If I may I have few critisims though – some of the parts are very delicate and will not stand up to the rigours of transport and play no matter how careful the player is.

The models are formed to help with assembly although are going to cause issues for some people due to there delicate nature.

Hard learned tips not in the assembly book and from my experience in general over the years

Golden Rule

Think about what you are doing and dont rush in.

When clipping from the sprues be extra careful some of these parts are so delicate it would be easy to missclip or break a part, believe me came close with the Prosecutor wings a few times
And Korgaraths Head. There seems to be a lot of tension in these sprues !

Forces of Good
Stormcast Eternals

Lord Celestial

Do not mount the Lord

Although not a disaster if you do ! I have and would prefer if I hadnt as this would make painting easier and neater around the saddle area.

The lords arm is difficult to assemble check it with a dry fit first but it clips in and under the shoulder pad


The wings are very delicate and I toyed with the idea of magnestising them.
With a 2mm Rare Earth Magnet. I havent but I have magnestised the underside of the base with magnetic sheets so that I can store them upright in my storage boxes which have a magnetised base to them.

More on that in a later post.

The wings are also very delicatly formed to the joint where the two attach to each other. I would recommend superglue activator here.


Do not mount the shields, painting behind them will be difficult. I found this out when in my haste I assembled the WD free mini completely and as with the Lord Celestial did not learn from my previous experience due to my impetulence to assemble

It is best to paint these seperately attach later and snag the join to the arm.

I have found that the joint to these is difficult to attach even with strong superglue such as gorilla.
Again I recommend investment in a can of superglue activator here.
GW could of provided a better pin to fit the hole at the elbow.

More to follow as assembly progresses and photos of my finished miniatures

Finished WD free issue Liberator


Forces of Chaos
Khorne Bloodbound

Mighty lord of Khorne

With this mini I recommend assembling the hound and lord seperately and not attaching until you have base coated them. With the lord leave off the armour and cloak and base coat seperatly.
Paint the hound to near completion then attach all to the base using a dry fit first to ensure that the collar and chains line up and you get a good fit with the lords arm.
Attach the base coated cloak and armour to the lord and finish.

  1. Matthew says:

    I just picked up the A.O.S. starter set, marking my return to warhammer after a about 23 years. I bought a few greenskin units when I was in grade school, but never really did much with them aside from drown them in testors paint as only a 12 year old could. I’m in the process of assembling my prosocutors and the chest plate doesn’t seem to fit.
    Actually, it fits, but the way the model’s heads are facing leaves the faces mostly covered by the armor.

    I’ve been looking at pics online and don’t see any others with this problem. Is there any advice you could give me? I really wanna get these guys primed so I can start painting.
    Thank you


    • warbitzman says:

      Hi matthew sorry havent logged in for a while and just saw your message i will have a look at this for you cannot remember how i did my prosecutors chest plates. Did you have any luck ?

      Still gotta finish the aos starter myself


  2. franricceri says:

    hello ,
    do you know the magnet size for the warhammer age of sigmar bases 😀 ?


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