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So life has kept me busy for a few weeks and I have not been able to paint or play or even blog !

Then a Friend from my local GW store was able to play a game

We decided on 100 wounds as the army size.

We were both only on our 2nd play

I took the ogres and my opponent the warriors of chaos

I learned alot from this game and think there is strategy to be had from AoS

A few photos from the game


Start up



It was a close run game and looked like it could go either way at any time

Result Chaos win ..

So the ogres lost again however my wife showed up in shop mid game
And started taking an interest. When we got home she wanted to play. WoW cant believe that one (now to get her to watch starwars episode 1-6 in anticipation of episode 7) and more to post from our games !

My log of AoS games so far and result

Elves vs Ogre kingdoms  lost
Warriors of chaos vs Ogre Kingdoms lost

My 3rd Game

Again vs Chaos same wound count
100 wounds

Minor change to my Ogre Kingdoms army swopped the firebelly for a butcher, and the chaos army of my opponent dropped chaos warriors in favour of another wizard and 3 spirit hosts.

It was a long game 4 hours. Very enjoyable so much so that no photos where taken. At midway it looked like an Ogre Kingdoms Victory but due to several respawning of chaos demons and a tactical move of protecting his Hell cannon from my Mourfang and sabretusks with said respawns, preventing them from getting to it. My opponent was able to collapse both my flanks. Once the Tyrant, and Giant had gone. And the Butcher next then the stonehorn the result was inevitable.

My poor old Ogres limped of Hungry again.
However I feel that I took alot more from this game and will be going for a win next time

My 4th Game

This game was vs the Wife. She thouroughly enjoyed the game and wants to play again. We decided that the High Elves should be taken to the next game against my next opponent as they may provide that elusive win

The repeater bolt thrower was as usual devastating.
The giant eagle proves very useful
Charge in 6 attacks and fly away.
Without any real shooting abilty as only 60 pointd the ogre’s struggled to reach the eagle to make a kill.
The stonehorn vs the prince on a dragon was a fairly even affair the dragon just tipped the stonehorn with some help from the bolt thrower.
The tyrant finished off the dragon.
The iron guts decimated the archers and spearmen
The eagle finished of the iron guts and Tyrant with the mage and bolt throwers help.
The Giant took out the ellyrian riders after their charge caused 5 wounds to the giant.
The eagle attacked the giant
The bolt thrower finished off the giant who fell and did injure the eagle and kill one remaining reaver.
The firebelly may as well stay at home as usual he failed all magic rolls and cannot fight his way out of a wet paper bag. (Taking the Butcher next time.)

The mage and eagle and finished off the standard from the ironguts as he charge the bolt thrower.

The fight ended up very close run at the end.

High elves win


5th Game Chaos vs Ogre Kingdoms

100 wounds result Ogre Kingdoms lose

Doh ! Another loss for the Ogres but I am doing better the Butchers maw went of well several times. The ironblaster performed well, I discounted it after the first game but its back in.
The iron guts are a must they take and give so much punishment.
The leadbelchers got bogged down in combat dispite my beat attemots to keep them out of the fray, those pesky chaos wizards can just summon more troops right in and personal to your troops they got some good shots off but in the end fell.

All in all a close run game again.

But Chaos just kept regenerating and eventually ground the poor old ogres down.

Tried some Gnoblars only 10 for the crack. which were an annoyance to my opponent and held for 2 rounds. Will need 50+ of the little green buggers to get some decent attacks in though as they need such high rolls and have a 6+ save. Cant wait to paint those ! Worse than clanrats !



Good looking board this one.