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I am torn between starting more Fantasy Armies or getting back into 40k..
This is my head at the Moment

I could blow of the old editions of space marines and orks or I could start a new army…. not a hard decision maybe I will start a new army… but then theres the fantasy armies….. I will look in the new year…..mmm but I am liking Necrons always have…..then GW update the Tau and with them new robots they are simply awesome….maybe in the new year….hmmm I could do both…. gotta love those Imperial Knights… how much ? Maybe in the new year….
Vampire Counts. Lizardmen and Beastmen. Shh dont tell the wife these are already appearing from various sources…. then theres the Malifaux oh and super dungeon explore additional box sets and upgrades…. I like X wing. Hmmm cheapish, oooh and prepainted.. ? What about Rivet wars have liked the look of that since I saw it at Skirmish a few years back… hmmm oh I dont know will just clear the corner to carry on with what I already have to much of to do….. the wind or the voices continue to blow….. Tau…Necrons….Vampires….Lizards……Beastmen….Xwing…Malifaux….
SuperDugeon…Rivet Wars…

We will have to see what happens in the new year and how nice to me the Wife and Father Christmas are to me… she knows when she hears new words or races that it means eventually these things…….appear

Update 2nd November 15

Looks like Tau for now picked up a Kroot Shaper as I really like the look of the Kroot as models.
Chipping away at starting malifaux picking up a few bargains here and there. The Boy is starting Lizardmen via good old Dad and my Daughter the Wood Elves.

More on my slow in road to 40k in the new year I guess


The War Corner

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Welcome to my post for The War Corner essentially a post of what am I working on currently.

This Post is to force me to get more stuff done. It is the end of the 3rd week in October 2015. And I want to clear the projects below as quickly as possible to move on to other projects.

Ogre Kingdoms

Boosting my Ogre Kingdoms force to include a beastclaw avalanche

The Stonehorn is already complete although I may add some bits and pieces to it later.

In the corner or on the desk is a thundertusk.

2 Mounfang undercoated with some base coating done.

2 mournfang under assembly to boost my existing force of 4 to be 2 x4 units for the beastclaw avalance.
“Pondering wheather to have 2 full mourfang commands and 1 troop in each or go for 1 command in 1 only and have the other 4 as straight ogres”.
I think the later will work just as well in AOS and better in 8th (which is how I am still constructing my armies, so therefore compatible with both).


The giant army has been put aside somewhat to complete the Ogre Kingdoms Avalanche
But the Ogre Giant is part assembled. Undercoated and flesh based.

The chaos giant is part assembled with conversion work going ahead.


Working on a Liberator, lord celestant, lord of Khorne, Khorgorath and bloodbound troops.

Usual Tale of a Wargamer too much on That I need to finish before moving onto other projects.

After all there is the remainder of my Maneaters, Gnoblars a few ironguts and leadbelchers to complete.
The Kislev force to get of the ground.
And continued work to The Elves. And  The Skaven.

Also considering 3 other forces Vampire Counts, Lizardmen and the Vampire counts.

Super Dungeon Explore to finish painting and Malifaux to get into.


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The Skaven

Started working up some skaven models. My clan is called clan filth and they are based on the desert rats. I wanted to make them look really filthy.


Clan Rat







Hellpit Abomination -aka Rosie

One can never be sure what she thinks haha but this post is not delving into any psycology about the differences between the male and female kind !

This Post is to get the opinion via unboxings of someone with a slight interest in wargames by association with me !
The wife who has recently played and beat me at a game of warhammer fantasy AoS, and is very supportive of the hobby.

With my new/old interest in games outside of GW and the wife taking a greater interest, I thought it would make an interesting article to get her opinion of models and rules via unboxings, as a noob and as she slowly realises she is being dragged into the world of wargaming.

She can possibly offer a new fresher perspective over a fan of nearly 30 years, who enjoys all aspects of wargaming but mainly handles GW products.

First up..


Both the wife and I quite like the look of Malifaux. I have therefore started to pick up a few miniatures, to see the quality before commiting fully to play and collect/paint these.

So What does the wife think ?…

I like the look of the arcanists so we have picked up a few miniatures to get a feel for them sealed from ebay.

The miniatures as follows

Fire Gamin.
Razorspine Rattler.
Horecat pride.

The wifes review
Blimey there smaller than GW.

Ooh you get the cards with them you dont need to buy books or print bits of paper.(Warscrolls Dear.. Warsrolls.)

So I proceeded to show various pictures of the main characters and a you tube video of malifaux.

I like them very steam punk. (Which is my girls style) you want them for Christmas…

Erm yeah… google links… rule book and arcanists….sent as a text message for her reference, job done.

Super Dungeon Explore

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Another game I play is super dungeon explore. Have painted some mini’s and played a game.

More about Super Dungeon Explore in time but its a good game. Check it out.




Hi – Welcome to this thread regarding my rambling thoughts of balance for AoS.

With a number of games of AoS under my belt and the internets frenzy of complaint about the lack of balance, I decided to have a look at how this could be acheived

The Big Questions

Currently all of my games have been played using wounds as the balancing factor, what else do we have ? Except model count ?
The question this posses for me are as follows:-

Is model count fair ?
Is using wound count truly fair ?
Is number of Warscrolls fair ?
Is there an alternative ?
Is the Balance in the Warscroll ?

Model count
Model count is not the answer in my opinion unless both players. Play fair -The issue with model count is this-
I take a fair selection of models usual stuff, using 8th Edition terminoligy -Lord, Hero, Core, Rare, Special
Lets say this is 40 models for argument sake. My oponent follows the same – this could provide some balance ?
However my opponent is one of the Must win at all cost types and takes say 40 large characters or monster types with multiple attacks and massive wound counts.

My army is certain of a crushing defeat.!

Nothing wrong with my opponents choice I could do the same.

One advantage/disadvantage of model count is that the sudden death rule would not apply if the model counts are similar/same

Searching for an alternative

Is the wound count truly fair ?

This led me to look at 8th edition army lists as a bases for comparing points values to wounds. At least in 8th we had the feeling of balance, although I do not believe even this was perfect at times.

The options as it where,

Battlescribe currently has not cracked anyway to formulate an Army list in Aos and I am not aware of any other systems that do ! Please enlighten me if I am wrong about this. Have not used Army Builder before.

The GW app does not do this and only provides in the my battle tab the warscroll for easy reference, no unit sizes and no total of wound count.
It could at least do the latter !

The Alternative ? Currently the community is asking this question.

So to compare points – 8th to wounds AoS

I decided to use battlescribe – (Sorry GW) – To build army lists then using these points -compared each models repective points and wounds on the warscroll, I then totalled the wound count and calculated a ratio of points to wounds.

My findings are as below:-

The first army I decided to test was Ogre Kingdoms.

I selected a list that was legal under 8th using battlescribe- what I did do was use the basic raw model points with no add ons or special weapons and abilities, just the raw model points. This is because in AoS the warscrolls list what each character can take and thats your lot. In 8th the load out was up to you and had many options and was for the player to decide his choices. (The best load out could also be debated until doomsday)

I wanted to use a fair sized 8th edition army with all types of models that was legal, this was to get a fair spread across the armies available unit types and to get a large range of data for better accuracy. This turned out to be just over 6000 points

I then carried out the same excercise for High Elves and Skaven again just over.

(If anyone is interested I can post this Raw Data)

My findings

Ogre Kingdoms 8th Army size
6010 points = 426 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
14.1 points : 1 wound
Models 77

High Elves 8th Army size
6045 points = 333 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
18:1 points : 1 wound
Model count 333

Skaven 8th Army size
6056 points = 477 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
12.69 points : 1 wound
Model count 368

In the Skaven selection I used the end times Thanquol and Bone Ripper points value as I assume that is what GW used to come up with the points/wound value on the warscroll.

Analysing the results

You can already begin to see an
in-balance from this simple data – why not compare for yourself next time you play.

The High Elves ratio is the highest price paid in terms of points. 18 points to obtain 1 wound. This suggests in Aos an advantage to certain armies.
However were high elves expensive- succesful/inbalanced in 8th ? More questions for comparison
The skaven for the middle points value get the most wounds and indeed models which one would expect from a horde army.

This for me threw up another question – is the Balance in the predetermined load outs of the Warscroll ? One would hope, there was always inbalance between armies in 8th as well it howver was not as contoversial as AoS

I hope to develop the Data further in due course and develop this thread.

Warscroll count

The warscroll count could be considered as a balancing factor but again it needs some controls or the opponent could again take 10 of a high wound powerful model.

For now my Opinion is that the only balancing factor we have is a blend of 8th edition. Wound – Warscroll count and model count. But above all honesty among players to field an army with agreed structure as in 8th Hero, Lord, Core, special and rare and not to field say 10 of nagash.

On a final note:-

Since I started drafting this post a week ago, There are now in the last few days several tournament rule sets on the internet trying to offer balance and structure analysing these tournament rule sets suggest similar thoughts by the community as a whole

14th October added Beastmen, Vampire Counts and Empire data.

Beastmen 8th Army size
6046 points = 341 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
17.7 points : 1wound
Model count 221

Empire 8th Army size
6070 points = 548 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
11.07 points : 1 wound
Model count 548
(Who said Skaven was a horde ?) Lots of cheap core troops used could be reduced by more knights to reduce model count.

Vampire Counts
6023 points = 487 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
12.36 points : 1 wound
Model count 250 with a lot of core and no nagash this model count could be even lower as a result

Another thought that has occurred to me is that this thread demonstrates the size of an Army in terms of cost £ albeit not valued but more does generally = more boxes more models = more £££’s

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

I found this on the internet awsome job by this guy please view and donate

Thanks for reading.