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Looks like Malifaux

Posted: November 28, 2015 in Malifaux

So following on from the voices in my head Warwife has somewhat solved my dilema, it has been my birthday and my lovely wife has purchased me the malifaux starter set and the Arcanists December Children box set. Adding this to the few bits off of ebay we got recently a nice little crew is developing, more on malifaux as it progress’s, but without further ado I decided to assemble the razorspine rattler. After assembly and a rather large gap at the head, it was apparent that this is not a very assembly friendly model, after a quick google of the malifaux instructions and seeing that others have had issues, my modelling prowess was intact, time to bust out the kneadtite,

Photo below is a work in progress of the filling.


The extra spine needs attention as do the joints, but I think it is safe to say that this model as simple as it is needs some degree of modelling skill, I am not a great kneadtite user but am trying to improve my skills.


The War Corner #3

Posted: November 15, 2015 in The War Corner

End of the week of 2nd week in November 2015 – I had a well spent week sorting and moving stuff about, and didnt realise how much stuff I have, I can see the corner there and there was actually a desk under that mountain !! I already feel re-inspired to recommence works next week, hopefully I get some time next week as most of the xmas shopping is done – I think !?!?! .. Warwife may have other ideas.

Bonfire night is over and so is Halloween… with these joyful family distractions occasions out of the way watch the war corner.

(Dont get me wrong balance is important between realife and Hobby life.)

So what will be coming out of the corner over the next week ?.

I have set up on the desk ready an amount of models to complete and have forsaken all other projects
These comprise of

41 Gnoblars… yawn…
A Thundertusk.. yay…
and 6 more mournfang making a total of 8….oooh.
Thus the Beastclaw Avalanche on way to a gaming table soon.

The War Corner #2

Posted: November 3, 2015 in The War Corner


Well as it goes we are in the first week of November 15 and I did bugger all in terms of actual production for the hobby last week.

Sure I procured minis, paint, magazines and books, browsed the net, dribbled over lizardmen, Tau, Necrons and Malifaux.

My excuses felt ill. Tooooo busy at work which made me feel like only resting. A visit to the Circus. Pumpkin picking and carving then Halloween, so its been busy and family fun but not in terms of the hobby.

This weeks vow, use the really useful plastic boxes and tidy the hobby area its a mess and puts me off bothering to do any hobby work as it gets frustrating and time consuming to find things
It has become cluttered with this weeks new aquisitions such as magazines, minis and paint and the usual unfinished projects and ill keep thats – it will come in useful.
The wife has no issue with the hobby apart from my polystyrene and pringles tube hoarding special ability, and lately I have begun to suffer from that illness again… so time to replace it with the other OCD tidy up…and get the hobby back….I Need rules if inly to break them.

My new mantras

1: “Keep your work area tidy” = More Efficient use of hobby time. And prevents hobby block

2: Finish the existing projects before moving onto the next (pfffttt I will never achieve that one) See Mantra #1

3: Hoard less the packaging and other I will keep thats – junk is always available ! And only collect for a project see Mantra #2

4: Get a more suitable shed/garage/room/outbuilding suitable for my needs – remember mantra #1, 2 and 3 or will lead to an even bigger space requirement.

5: Get it finished !!!

The Rise of the Lizardman

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my post about Warhammer fantasy lizardmen.
Gamesworkshop have kind of updated the Lizardmen for AoS one assumes all the others will follow. I have, well my Son has asked if he can have a lizardman army, to which I easily agreed.
Imagine his dismay when the Lizards were not available last week, they are now back with a fluff change and a war tomb book. The warsroll app has a few changes also from lizardmen to seraphon.

So therefore this post will be about the development of the lizard army and getting the boy involved in painting them up seeing as he has expressed an interest.

My daughter is all about the Wood Elves so we will see about getting her involved also.

The Dawn of the Wood Elves

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my post about my new (well my “daughters” ) Wood Elves army
She like her brother has expressed an interest in a warhammer army and she has picked Wood Elves.
We will be posting her first attempts at painting and modelling

Starting her of with some cheap 5th edition glade guard from ebay to get her started before commiting money to a new boxed set and the inevitable GW aos update as the lizardmen and other factions no doubt.
And that she may loose interest and Dad may have to take over the army.
(I will anyway haha)