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Malifaux First Play

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

So my Wargaming buddy joined a Tuesday night gaming club late last year and invited me along.

We decided to play Malifaux, hence my feverish xmas Malifaux model building and painting.

Unbeknowing to each other I started a Arcanist crew. My buddy already had one so we decided on a Arcanists civil war or leadership power struggle and went for 30 soulstones

I had never played Malifaux so my buddy was a very good sport in showing me how to play.

He won as usual but I got my first play out of it, learned alot and am intrigued by then mechanics of this game.

We attracted a fair bit of attention also.

The club made me feel very welcome and I knew a few guys from my local GW store.

With the Samction of Warwife Tuessday seems to be the new game time.

Photo of set up, I had moved 1 Ice Gamin forward when I took the pic.


I took my december children less 2 ice gamins so I could test the Hoarcat and the Fire Gamin. I also took the Razorspine Rattler.

My Bud had a Metal Golem which killed me in the end and as usual he flipped cards like he roles dice, and so did I, no suprise I lost then.!!