Malifaux First Play

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

So my Wargaming buddy joined a Tuesday night gaming club late last year and invited me along.

We decided to play Malifaux, hence my feverish xmas Malifaux model building and painting.

Unbeknowing to each other I started a Arcanist crew. My buddy already had one so we decided on a Arcanists civil war or leadership power struggle and went for 30 soulstones

I had never played Malifaux so my buddy was a very good sport in showing me how to play.

He won as usual but I got my first play out of it, learned alot and am intrigued by then mechanics of this game.

We attracted a fair bit of attention also.

The club made me feel very welcome and I knew a few guys from my local GW store.

With the Samction of Warwife Tuessday seems to be the new game time.

Photo of set up, I had moved 1 Ice Gamin forward when I took the pic.


I took my december children less 2 ice gamins so I could test the Hoarcat and the Fire Gamin. I also took the Razorspine Rattler.

My Bud had a Metal Golem which killed me in the end and as usual he flipped cards like he roles dice, and so did I, no suprise I lost then.!!

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice! It sounds like you got a lot out of your first game. You might want to try to add in more terrain though, as Malifaux really benefits from having a good amount of things to hide behind / move through / put down scheme markers upon.


    • warbitzman says:

      Thanks for tips, as this was my first game and my buddy is quite experienced in Malifaux, we kept it simple, currently building some wild west theme buildings, more on that later.


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