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X Wing 3rd play and my new board

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

This Game was an Introductory game to my 12 year old son, I suppose this demonstrates the ease of X Wing to play if you are considering it, as I could demonstrate after only 3 games,

My son had the 2 x wing core tie’s and I took the IG200. This was about 47 points each and was the best we could field with my limited collection.

We didnt finish the game but 1 tie was a burning wreck and both of us had only 1 hull each left so a draw was declared as we had backed into a corner and it was likely that the ensuring movement phase would see us both of the board,

Prior to this Game I sprayed up a board for use at home, a Photo of this board in play below. Good enough for me to play on. The white line is the 3ft mark giving a 6 inch shelf around on a 4ft board for cards and game detritus.


The 2 planets came out well the stars do not show up that well in the photo


X wing 2nd play

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My Force Awakens X wing boxed set arrived, so with the required basics aquired I set of on procuring scum and villany ships as this faction is not represented at my club.
My aquisitions a new IG200 and a Starviper from ebay for a song as it didnt have all of the upgrade cards. However this gave me 100 points to play a game against my usual oponent.

The first Game saw my Scummy Villans facing a millenium falcon and a YT2400 very hard to kill especially against an experienced foe, with the starviper gone and the IG down to 1 damage it was all over with a school boy asteroid collision.

The second game saw the Scummy Villans, facing 5 a wings, with the a wings being all placed first this gave me the advantage of being able to place my 2 ships on opposing wings and try to close in with a bull horn zulu type pincer movement and get in along the sides or behind, A wings fell burning from the sky and with both my ships closing in on the last X wing and no hope of a win my opponent declared giving me my first win, suprising really as one of our other wargaming buddies jokingly accused my opponent of being nasty to a noob, and as another expeienced player had lost to his A wing strategy the week prior.

Xwing Win : loss ratio with Scum and Villany 1:1 not counting the intro game.

X-Winging its way to me shortly

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

So took the plunge and purchased the new x wing box set after playing an introductory game with my buddy, and am awaiting delivery via royal snail.

My initial thoughts on X wing are it has a cheap entry level, and is playable straight out of the box. Set up time is quick and the game is fun.
After entry level it may be get a little expensive but no more expensive than any other game, it depends I guess how obsessive you want to be, therefore expensive haha “You gotta get em all”.

I am hoping to convert my Brother to at least one wargame in my life and this may be the one, he hates the idea of having to have to paint and assemble miniatures, for me thats the biggest part of the hobby, but when the box arrives we shall see ?

X wing does present the usual problems storage and transport of not only miniatures but cards, but is quite compact, I have thought of some solutions whilst waiting and maybe I will make a blog entry in my solution in the future, I am also looking at painting a space board.

“War wife in the background rolls eyes as if to say not another bit of 4 foot wood in the house”

Thats it for now more on X-wing soon.   

The War Corner #6

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Malifaux, The War Corner

Hi Welcome to The War Corner #6

A Belated Happy New year and thanks for reading !

So without further ado this is the after christmas and new year entry.

What did Old St Nick bring and what did I achieve

Well Father Christmas via war wife bought some more malifaux models so I now have a little Neverborn crew as well as arcanist crew deveolping.

Having some extra time but not as much as I would like I assembled and painted up the Arcanist crew I started at the begining of December.
With Malifaux I really wanted to experiment with unique bases for each models individual setting.

The Fire bases for the Fire Gamins came out quite well and is simply, sculpted liquid nails adhesive allowed to dry and painted

Please see Photos of the Arcanists which I have enjoyed painting and although not my best work they look ok on the table

I also started on the Neverborn crew, First was Teddy, which my daughter calls scary bear
Very simple to paint about 2 evenings work in with some other bits.

Next was the Poltergeist, I wanted the poltergeist to look really powerful rather than just throwing a few bits around a room which would be hard to do with a miniature anyway.
So I decided that my Neverborn crew would be mounted on floorboards and haunting a bedroom near you !

And that the Poltergeist would be throwing the floor boards from around him.
This was achived with a few scraps of balsa wood.
Again photos below.

As per Photos and Lastly for this TWC’s Mailfaux section.

Rasputina, the Hoarcat pride and Ice gamins complete,
Wendingo very near just finishing work.
The next job will be the assembly of the rest of the Neverborn, Including some Terror tots to be complete soon.



Work also continued to the remaining Ogres and the Beastclaw Avalance. Good news is during a xmas tidy up I found the missing sprues to the Thundertusk in a really useful box. “Useful being the word” and proceeded to mount the rear rope and riders.

For the second Thundertusk rider as TWC#5, I elected for him to be eating a rat, with a bit of sculpting and a Skaven rat, the ogre is now having a battle snack.

The Thundertusk was an ebay find and in a poor state with lots of the minor bits missing, the idea always was to do the Shop purchased Stonehorn, and then use the bits left to finish the Thundertusk. (2 for less than price of 2!)

The Thundertusk has 2 riders and during mounting I noticed that the front rider who already had the bridal arm fitted was siting far to high for the bridal straps to fit to the Thundertusks head, I couldnt remember if the rider sitting high was by my design or part of the original ebay problem, so I busted out the greenstuff and extended the Bridal straps. At the end of the day I am very Happy how the thundertusk turned out as he cost me about £8 from ebay and with a bit of work and parts from the Stonehorn has turned out ok.

I also carried out base coating and wash work to the Mourfang Cavalry

All in all a decent amount of work produced over Christmas without sacrificing family time.
Cant wait to put the Malifaux crew in action, over at a new Club I shall be frequenting.