X wing 2nd play

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

My Force Awakens X wing boxed set arrived, so with the required basics aquired I set of on procuring scum and villany ships as this faction is not represented at my club.
My aquisitions a new IG200 and a Starviper from ebay for a song as it didnt have all of the upgrade cards. However this gave me 100 points to play a game against my usual oponent.

The first Game saw my Scummy Villans facing a millenium falcon and a YT2400 very hard to kill especially against an experienced foe, with the starviper gone and the IG down to 1 damage it was all over with a school boy asteroid collision.

The second game saw the Scummy Villans, facing 5 a wings, with the a wings being all placed first this gave me the advantage of being able to place my 2 ships on opposing wings and try to close in with a bull horn zulu type pincer movement and get in along the sides or behind, A wings fell burning from the sky and with both my ships closing in on the last X wing and no hope of a win my opponent declared giving me my first win, suprising really as one of our other wargaming buddies jokingly accused my opponent of being nasty to a noob, and as another expeienced player had lost to his A wing strategy the week prior.

Xwing Win : loss ratio with Scum and Villany 1:1 not counting the intro game.


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