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The War Corner #7

Posted: March 11, 2016 in The War Corner

Welcome to the war corner #7, So what has been happening in
February 16?.

Well X-Wing has made a big apperance and taken a fair amount of my time having played 4 games, painted up a space board and collected the 2 core box sets and 2 scum ships …- I refer to the voices in my head post to my amusement, 2 of my callings prior to xmas 15 have made an apperance Malifaux then X-Wing.

In terms of painting I have been chipping away at Malifaux miniatures, see Angel Eyes Miniature completed, construction of the remainder of the Malifaux 2e starter box set ready for painting, constructed and started painting the Essence of Power for Rasputina and a few WHFB/AoS Ogre Kingdom leadbealchers, some Mournfang cavalry and continuing on the Thundertusk and Maneater conversions all slowly but surely.


I have also discovered the joy of audiobooks for long journeys to work, I can recommend audiobooks as it saves time in reading books that can be spent on other things, so what have I been listening to ?

WH40k – Horus Heresy and associated follow on story’s the problem is I now have the voices saying build start heresy era stuff collect demons for AoS and 40k, build space wolves and chaos marines. The cycle begins again I suppose.

Some photos of Februarys work


Star Wars Board – Also painted plain sand brown on reverse side to suit my games of AoS particularly the Desert Rats – and Malifaux the other 4×4 will be white to suit snow based miniatures such as my Ogres and eventual Kislev Army and placed side by side will suit all my different types of miniatures.

Malifaux Angel Eyes


Caught up on all of the walking dead series at the same time which makes me want to buy Zombies.

May upload better photos later

Thanks for reading

So I ventured to my local GW store realising it had been at least 2 months since my last visit, this is due to distractions such as x wing and malifaux, I went in to pick up 2 pots of paint a few new brushes and maybe the latest white dwarf.

I pondered over death and seraphon kits
As a new army choice for AoS even considering the lets get started sets (ex battalion)

I walked out with Dark Vengence
6 paints 4 brushes,
The Dark Angels codex
And 2 months worth of back issues of white dwarf.
They saw me coming that day !!
At least its something new to model and play not that I need anything new.