The War Corner #8

Posted: May 8, 2016 in Age of Sigmar, The War Corner

Hi so whats been happening in March 2016 ?

Well one of my sons has re-expressed his interest in his lizard army, I want a Lizard, (Seraphon) army as well so a few bids later on ebay saw a nice little army come my way all sealed in the boxes

1x box Skink
1x box Temple Guard
1x box tyrannasarus
1 x stegadon

Need a priest and a few more skinks but getting there for less than £60 with postage I have made a good start.

Whilst waiting for the ebay items to arrive i raided the bits box as i am sure i had some lizard parts to see if we could make up anything in the meantime! 2 skinks popped out so we put theae together and did a test paint up.
The ebay items arrived so the skinks have been built and are in various stages of painting, finding batch painting useful here as with any small repetitive models, you can make good progress to 20+ models in less than an hour.

The Ogre Kingdoms as usual got a bit nearer with another leadbelcher some mournfang, work to the thundertusk and some maneaters assembly and painting.

I completed the Araby Maneater, part way through I asked my wife what she thought his gut plate was she said a turkish hat pumpkin, so that explains that in the photo below. Still need to do his gnoblar and stick it on, Gnoblars are quick to do but I dont like painting them, thats another batch paint for another day.

Thanks for reading all the best !



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