Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Assembly

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Welcome to my post to share tips and mistakes or potential pitfalls as I found them whilst constructing this new Games workshop box set.

With all minis I always recommend dry fitting parts so that you understand how they fit and to ensure you get a well constructed and finished model. Always a good idea to assess the abilty to paint a hard to reach part.

Day 1

Excelsior warpriest

With the set only a day old the first mini I have constructed is the Excelsior warpriest . I would recommend painting under the cape area prior to attaching it, I didnt thus ignoring my opening statement, and as a result this will be very difficult to paint under it later.
Build time 30 mins.

Next up

Ogroid Thaumauturge

The first tricky part of this is the first task. This is the tail to the legs, make sure the tail is down completely  to the top of the legs it has a flat area that sticks to the models leg tops again dry fit until happy both of the legs and tail fit correctly, when you are happy apply your glue.

The body can be tricky and needs glue sparingly as there is not much surface area to stick oposing parts together in places and if too much is used you will get in a pickle with sticky fingers and worse glue on the body.

With the body assembled it looks a bit weird but nearly finished, the book says fit the horns but exactly how they fit is difficult to work out even with a dry fit, I stuck on the face first and this gives the complete hole for the horns, they can then be fitted, again try dry first they come directly out best described as horizontal to the face. Use the loose 60mm base provided there is a misprint in the instructions.
Build time 45 mins.

Day 2.
Monday evenings are a bit of a TV night in our house with GoT and fear the walking dead latest episodes, still managed to construct a few minis

The 2 x Skaven and the 8 x Spider Goblins/Grot Scuttlings

Skaven Deathrunners

What you do notice with the Skaven is the increased detail as compared to previous incarnations.

The Skaven took about 10 mins each.

Grot Scuttlings

The 8 grots are very simple at about 5 mins each, the 16 pieces that make up the grots are fully interchangable for some varience. Not much too say regarding construction as they are very simple to construct, again good preperation and dry fitting should be used.

Day 3 A night of Horrors

The Horrors…. The Horrors Pink, Blue and Brimstone are not complicated to assemble but I do recommend that you dry fit them prior to using your glue.

The main problem with these are that they have a lot of delicate detail, you need to handle them carefully, I bent a finger on a pink horror its ok with a bit of glue and liquid green stuff but I doubt they will stand up to rough gameplay.

The Blue Horrors have a specific way of putting them together its kind of a slide together 2 pieces thing. And again dry fit first to see how the back of the head attatches to the body.

The Brimstone Horrors live up to there name, be careful clipping these of the sprue, and take your time they are tincy tiny ! Scraping the bottom of them to mount on the base was difficult it felt that they would break with every scrape.
Build time approximately 1.5 hours for 8 with some tv and a few cigarettes in between.

Day 4

The Tzaangors

So far the most difficult models to put together particularly 10c.
Again dry fit
Take Part I4 and part I5 put the leg/chainmail part together from behind at 45 degress and bring the top over to align the shoulder in a hinging motion.
Ensure the back of his robes are lined up with no gap, when happy with the fit commit the glue. Parts I6 and I8 are fiddly but there is a hole and a pin to align. Dry fit then glue to the arm shoulder and I7 should slot in. The first one took about 30mins to work out the second being in the know about 10mins.

10a was not too difficult and 10b again dry fit to appreciate how part I2 and I1 fit.

Once constructed they are nice models

Day 5

I hit up the models made so far with skull white spray and left to dry and carried out a mould line and green stuff inspection, more on that later.

Day 6

After a trip to my local GW for a white dwarf and the vibrant pinks for the horrors as it is a paint colour I have rarely used so far nor possess it was time to look at the next up models.

Chaos Familiars

Simple 1 part models. Clip em clean em stick em to the base. Less than 5 minutes each.

Day 7

Kairic Acolytes

These are not too difficult but could be fiddly. I recommend leaving of the shields to make painting easier. And I found the sticking the 2 body parts together first then attaching to the base and leaving to dry allows the arm to be persuaded to stick, as the arms will need to be held in place for a while until set occurs, and being on the base makes handling easier. Construction time about 1.5 Hours for all 6 as there is also a lot of mould line cleaning at least on mine.

Day 8

Being a lazy bank holiday Monday I had lots of time today.

Knight Questor

After clipping and mould line cleaning I hit the cloak inside with some white spray as this will hard to reach later.

I assembled the hole model , you may want to leave of the shield arm for access but shouldnt be too difficult to paint behind so I attached it.

Build time 30mins including spray time.

Fireslayer Doomseeker

Fairly easy to assemble, would recommend tweezers for attaching the adornments to the belt as these can be fiddly. Build tome 20mins

Darkoath Chieftan

Another easy mini, note you get an alternative option of him holding a head that the book does not show you for his left hand. Build time 20mins

Mistweaver Saih

This one looks a bit daunting, just dry fit until happy and you should be ok.
Part 8e looks like it goes on the back of its head rather than the front of the face it is supposed to have a blank face. This part is actually his left shoulder pad. Build time 20mins

Tenebrael Shard

This one can be a bit fiddly part 7g is riduiculously tiny even to clip and prep let alone handle, just make sure you get it up the right way round and use the hole provided to attach.

4g the belt can be tricky pass over the back rune banner and clip in, dry fit first.
The arms can be a bit fiddly but again dry fit by twisting in the socket gently until its fit feels right.

Build time 20 mins

Gaunt Summoner

Once you have assembled the body or robe I noted a little green stuff will be needed on the joints.

Part 7d looks a bit strange the 2 side bits form the rest of the shoulder pads again a little green stuff may be needed here after assembly and the front piece goes to the front to form the pin locator for piece 8d

Attach 10d to 9D first and allow to dry
As you will see the hand at the top of sword in flames coming out of the book attaches to his right arm, assembling first allows correct pisition of both the bottom arm and top had correctly, without doing it you may end up with the book arm commited incorrectly and working 4 joints with glue at the same time can be hard to hold in place.

Build time 25 mins

Thats all completed time to hit the rest up with undercoat and paint/play more in that later.


Now to start painting as much as possible prior to that first game !

First up

Pink Horrors

1. Spray with Skull White
2. 2x Thinned basecoat of Pink Horror
3. Heavy wash of Carabourg Crimson particularly at the ends of the arms and legs.

Blue Horrors

1. Spray with Skull White
2. Base with Stegadon Green Scale
3. Layer with Temple Guard Blue

Brimstone Horrors

1. Spray with Skull White
2. Base coat with Flash Gits Yellow
3. 2x wash with Casandora Yellow
4. Wash around feet with very thin wash of Coiela Green shade if desired
5. Stick some bits of sprue rubble or plasticard on and base coat with brown texture paint. Drybrush with skaven dinge and codex grey, or similar mid tone grey


Ogroid Thaumaturge


Additional Heroes

With the cross compatibility of AoS and Silver Tower you can have additional heroes within the game, most of us will have many from AoS we can use.

No Ogre Kingdoms (Ogor) Hero or Denisan though 😦 unles you count the Thaumaturge

Skink Warpriest, I had previoulsy painted this little dude for my Seraphon

Necromancer, I have purchased this guy for my Death army.

To be continued….as i progress…

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