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Visit to Warhammer World

Posted: September 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

So its been a while since my last post,

Alot has happened but i have still be active in the hobby and will post pictures of my efforts soon, work has been busy and me and war wife got married, as part of our honeymoon we wanted to go on a city break, the Wife suggested Nottingham and before my eyes lit up she said yes we can go to Warhammer world.

Before I post the photos I would actually recommend Nottingham as a town to visit,

It has a good mixture of bars and resturants of varying tastes, from swanky to heavy metal, i recommend the tap and tumbler an old boozer with a rock theme and live bands. we stayed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel so the wife could use the spa facilities which are very relaxing to be fair.

There is also the castle. Caves and The justice museum and the oldest pub in England called ye olde trip to Jerusalem, set into the castle caves in part. (Beware Ghosties)

Now for what you want to see

Photos of warhammer world

Main Entrance 40K display

Main Entrance AoS display

The Silver Tower

Seraphon display

The Skaven Display

The Imperial Army Display

The Main 40k display extremely impressive over 1200 scenery kits used and took 10 people 9 months.

I took many more photos but just added a few to give a flavour of the displays.

Bugmans bar is an inspiration for the man/hobby cave

You can also get exclusive merchandise on site not available anywhere else. I bought a Bugmans T-shirt

The space Marine which disapeared and was replaced by a Sigmar Liberator now has a place opposite the Rhino.

Photos to follow when the wife shares them. 

Thats about it plan a visit the wife, GF, partner might even like it if you tie it in with other things.