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Hello world!

Posted: July 7, 2015 in About

Well here goes my start of my blog about my wargaming hobby addiction.

A little about myself

I started warming in 1985 aged 11 with warhammer fantasy battle with a school friend. First white dwarf purchased uk number 85. I have worked as a Constuction Engineer in the UK for the last 20 years, Got married, kids took the usual hiatus from collecting and gaming, got divorced took up collecting again and gaming with fantasy battle 8th. Met my partner who is very supportive of the hobby, even when I rabbit on to her about things she does not understand. She does like to look at my miniatures and give constuctive criticism on how they are painted and has expressed an interest in Bretonnian and Lizardman armies ! They are yet to come out of theĀ boxes!

I have an interest in all war and military history and occasionally dabble in selling of Wargaming products on Ebay.

I have started this blog at a very poignant time with my preorder of Warhammer AoS due in 4 days time.

In this blog I aim to document my hobby even prior to this blog, share my opinions, rumours, my miniatures and things that interest me in the Wargaming world not just GW.

Cant help but feel a bit daunted by this blogging lark !

Bye for now Warbitzman.