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Just a quick one skink star priest done !



Well welcome to another update as the end of April is nearing.

April saw more work to the skinks, the start of a death army with some zombies, the start of the Arcane Ruins and I have kept chipping away at the ogres.

Work has been very busy so sadly not much time for gaming.



Some of the Zombies !!

Hi so whats been happening in March 2016 ?

Well one of my sons has re-expressed his interest in his lizard army, I want a Lizard, (Seraphon) army as well so a few bids later on ebay saw a nice little army come my way all sealed in the boxes

1x box Skink
1x box Temple Guard
1x box tyrannasarus
1 x stegadon

Need a priest and a few more skinks but getting there for less than £60 with postage I have made a good start.

Whilst waiting for the ebay items to arrive i raided the bits box as i am sure i had some lizard parts to see if we could make up anything in the meantime! 2 skinks popped out so we put theae together and did a test paint up.
The ebay items arrived so the skinks have been built and are in various stages of painting, finding batch painting useful here as with any small repetitive models, you can make good progress to 20+ models in less than an hour.

The Ogre Kingdoms as usual got a bit nearer with another leadbelcher some mournfang, work to the thundertusk and some maneaters assembly and painting.

I completed the Araby Maneater, part way through I asked my wife what she thought his gut plate was she said a turkish hat pumpkin, so that explains that in the photo below. Still need to do his gnoblar and stick it on, Gnoblars are quick to do but I dont like painting them, thats another batch paint for another day.

Thanks for reading all the best !


Hi – Welcome to this thread regarding my rambling thoughts of balance for AoS.

With a number of games of AoS under my belt and the internets frenzy of complaint about the lack of balance, I decided to have a look at how this could be acheived

The Big Questions

Currently all of my games have been played using wounds as the balancing factor, what else do we have ? Except model count ?
The question this posses for me are as follows:-

Is model count fair ?
Is using wound count truly fair ?
Is number of Warscrolls fair ?
Is there an alternative ?
Is the Balance in the Warscroll ?

Model count
Model count is not the answer in my opinion unless both players. Play fair -The issue with model count is this-
I take a fair selection of models usual stuff, using 8th Edition terminoligy -Lord, Hero, Core, Rare, Special
Lets say this is 40 models for argument sake. My oponent follows the same – this could provide some balance ?
However my opponent is one of the Must win at all cost types and takes say 40 large characters or monster types with multiple attacks and massive wound counts.

My army is certain of a crushing defeat.!

Nothing wrong with my opponents choice I could do the same.

One advantage/disadvantage of model count is that the sudden death rule would not apply if the model counts are similar/same

Searching for an alternative

Is the wound count truly fair ?

This led me to look at 8th edition army lists as a bases for comparing points values to wounds. At least in 8th we had the feeling of balance, although I do not believe even this was perfect at times.

The options as it where,

Battlescribe currently has not cracked anyway to formulate an Army list in Aos and I am not aware of any other systems that do ! Please enlighten me if I am wrong about this. Have not used Army Builder before.

The GW app does not do this and only provides in the my battle tab the warscroll for easy reference, no unit sizes and no total of wound count.
It could at least do the latter !

The Alternative ? Currently the community is asking this question.

So to compare points – 8th to wounds AoS

I decided to use battlescribe – (Sorry GW) – To build army lists then using these points -compared each models repective points and wounds on the warscroll, I then totalled the wound count and calculated a ratio of points to wounds.

My findings are as below:-

The first army I decided to test was Ogre Kingdoms.

I selected a list that was legal under 8th using battlescribe- what I did do was use the basic raw model points with no add ons or special weapons and abilities, just the raw model points. This is because in AoS the warscrolls list what each character can take and thats your lot. In 8th the load out was up to you and had many options and was for the player to decide his choices. (The best load out could also be debated until doomsday)

I wanted to use a fair sized 8th edition army with all types of models that was legal, this was to get a fair spread across the armies available unit types and to get a large range of data for better accuracy. This turned out to be just over 6000 points

I then carried out the same excercise for High Elves and Skaven again just over.

(If anyone is interested I can post this Raw Data)

My findings

Ogre Kingdoms 8th Army size
6010 points = 426 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
14.1 points : 1 wound
Models 77

High Elves 8th Army size
6045 points = 333 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
18:1 points : 1 wound
Model count 333

Skaven 8th Army size
6056 points = 477 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
12.69 points : 1 wound
Model count 368

In the Skaven selection I used the end times Thanquol and Bone Ripper points value as I assume that is what GW used to come up with the points/wound value on the warscroll.

Analysing the results

You can already begin to see an
in-balance from this simple data – why not compare for yourself next time you play.

The High Elves ratio is the highest price paid in terms of points. 18 points to obtain 1 wound. This suggests in Aos an advantage to certain armies.
However were high elves expensive- succesful/inbalanced in 8th ? More questions for comparison
The skaven for the middle points value get the most wounds and indeed models which one would expect from a horde army.

This for me threw up another question – is the Balance in the predetermined load outs of the Warscroll ? One would hope, there was always inbalance between armies in 8th as well it howver was not as contoversial as AoS

I hope to develop the Data further in due course and develop this thread.

Warscroll count

The warscroll count could be considered as a balancing factor but again it needs some controls or the opponent could again take 10 of a high wound powerful model.

For now my Opinion is that the only balancing factor we have is a blend of 8th edition. Wound – Warscroll count and model count. But above all honesty among players to field an army with agreed structure as in 8th Hero, Lord, Core, special and rare and not to field say 10 of nagash.

On a final note:-

Since I started drafting this post a week ago, There are now in the last few days several tournament rule sets on the internet trying to offer balance and structure analysing these tournament rule sets suggest similar thoughts by the community as a whole

14th October added Beastmen, Vampire Counts and Empire data.

Beastmen 8th Army size
6046 points = 341 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
17.7 points : 1wound
Model count 221

Empire 8th Army size
6070 points = 548 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
11.07 points : 1 wound
Model count 548
(Who said Skaven was a horde ?) Lots of cheap core troops used could be reduced by more knights to reduce model count.

Vampire Counts
6023 points = 487 wounds
A points to wound ratio of
12.36 points : 1 wound
Model count 250 with a lot of core and no nagash this model count could be even lower as a result

Another thought that has occurred to me is that this thread demonstrates the size of an Army in terms of cost £ albeit not valued but more does generally = more boxes more models = more £££’s

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

I found this on the internet awsome job by this guy please view and donate

Thanks for reading.

Warhammer AoS Results

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Age of Sigmar

Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves –
60 wounds
High Elves Win

Ogre Kingdoms vs Warriors of Chaos
100 wounds
Warriors of Chaos Win

Ogre Kingdoms vs Warriors of Chaos Game 2
100 wounds
Warriors of Chaos Win

Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves
60 wounds
High Elves Win

Ogre Kingdoms vs Warriors of Chaos
100 wounds
Warriors of Chaos Win

So life has kept me busy for a few weeks and I have not been able to paint or play or even blog !

Then a Friend from my local GW store was able to play a game

We decided on 100 wounds as the army size.

We were both only on our 2nd play

I took the ogres and my opponent the warriors of chaos

I learned alot from this game and think there is strategy to be had from AoS

A few photos from the game


Start up



It was a close run game and looked like it could go either way at any time

Result Chaos win ..

So the ogres lost again however my wife showed up in shop mid game
And started taking an interest. When we got home she wanted to play. WoW cant believe that one (now to get her to watch starwars episode 1-6 in anticipation of episode 7) and more to post from our games !

My log of AoS games so far and result

Elves vs Ogre kingdoms  lost
Warriors of chaos vs Ogre Kingdoms lost

My 3rd Game

Again vs Chaos same wound count
100 wounds

Minor change to my Ogre Kingdoms army swopped the firebelly for a butcher, and the chaos army of my opponent dropped chaos warriors in favour of another wizard and 3 spirit hosts.

It was a long game 4 hours. Very enjoyable so much so that no photos where taken. At midway it looked like an Ogre Kingdoms Victory but due to several respawning of chaos demons and a tactical move of protecting his Hell cannon from my Mourfang and sabretusks with said respawns, preventing them from getting to it. My opponent was able to collapse both my flanks. Once the Tyrant, and Giant had gone. And the Butcher next then the stonehorn the result was inevitable.

My poor old Ogres limped of Hungry again.
However I feel that I took alot more from this game and will be going for a win next time

My 4th Game

This game was vs the Wife. She thouroughly enjoyed the game and wants to play again. We decided that the High Elves should be taken to the next game against my next opponent as they may provide that elusive win

The repeater bolt thrower was as usual devastating.
The giant eagle proves very useful
Charge in 6 attacks and fly away.
Without any real shooting abilty as only 60 pointd the ogre’s struggled to reach the eagle to make a kill.
The stonehorn vs the prince on a dragon was a fairly even affair the dragon just tipped the stonehorn with some help from the bolt thrower.
The tyrant finished off the dragon.
The iron guts decimated the archers and spearmen
The eagle finished of the iron guts and Tyrant with the mage and bolt throwers help.
The Giant took out the ellyrian riders after their charge caused 5 wounds to the giant.
The eagle attacked the giant
The bolt thrower finished off the giant who fell and did injure the eagle and kill one remaining reaver.
The firebelly may as well stay at home as usual he failed all magic rolls and cannot fight his way out of a wet paper bag. (Taking the Butcher next time.)

The mage and eagle and finished off the standard from the ironguts as he charge the bolt thrower.

The fight ended up very close run at the end.

High elves win


5th Game Chaos vs Ogre Kingdoms

100 wounds result Ogre Kingdoms lose

Doh ! Another loss for the Ogres but I am doing better the Butchers maw went of well several times. The ironblaster performed well, I discounted it after the first game but its back in.
The iron guts are a must they take and give so much punishment.
The leadbelchers got bogged down in combat dispite my beat attemots to keep them out of the fray, those pesky chaos wizards can just summon more troops right in and personal to your troops they got some good shots off but in the end fell.

All in all a close run game again.

But Chaos just kept regenerating and eventually ground the poor old ogres down.

Tried some Gnoblars only 10 for the crack. which were an annoyance to my opponent and held for 2 rounds. Will need 50+ of the little green buggers to get some decent attacks in though as they need such high rolls and have a 6+ save. Cant wait to paint those ! Worse than clanrats !



Good looking board this one.


Hello here’s my ongoing thread for my thoughts and tips on the assembly of the Age of Sigmar miniatures

Firstly I would like to say that these miniatures are really well produced and have barely any mould lines are fun to construct and are wonderful models.

If I may I have few critisims though – some of the parts are very delicate and will not stand up to the rigours of transport and play no matter how careful the player is.

The models are formed to help with assembly although are going to cause issues for some people due to there delicate nature.

Hard learned tips not in the assembly book and from my experience in general over the years

Golden Rule

Think about what you are doing and dont rush in.

When clipping from the sprues be extra careful some of these parts are so delicate it would be easy to missclip or break a part, believe me came close with the Prosecutor wings a few times
And Korgaraths Head. There seems to be a lot of tension in these sprues !

Forces of Good
Stormcast Eternals

Lord Celestial

Do not mount the Lord

Although not a disaster if you do ! I have and would prefer if I hadnt as this would make painting easier and neater around the saddle area.

The lords arm is difficult to assemble check it with a dry fit first but it clips in and under the shoulder pad


The wings are very delicate and I toyed with the idea of magnestising them.
With a 2mm Rare Earth Magnet. I havent but I have magnestised the underside of the base with magnetic sheets so that I can store them upright in my storage boxes which have a magnetised base to them.

More on that in a later post.

The wings are also very delicatly formed to the joint where the two attach to each other. I would recommend superglue activator here.


Do not mount the shields, painting behind them will be difficult. I found this out when in my haste I assembled the WD free mini completely and as with the Lord Celestial did not learn from my previous experience due to my impetulence to assemble

It is best to paint these seperately attach later and snag the join to the arm.

I have found that the joint to these is difficult to attach even with strong superglue such as gorilla.
Again I recommend investment in a can of superglue activator here.
GW could of provided a better pin to fit the hole at the elbow.

More to follow as assembly progresses and photos of my finished miniatures

Finished WD free issue Liberator


Forces of Chaos
Khorne Bloodbound

Mighty lord of Khorne

With this mini I recommend assembling the hound and lord seperately and not attaching until you have base coated them. With the lord leave off the armour and cloak and base coat seperatly.
Paint the hound to near completion then attach all to the base using a dry fit first to ensure that the collar and chains line up and you get a good fit with the lords arm.
Attach the base coated cloak and armour to the lord and finish.

Age of Sigmar First play

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Age of Sigmar

So having purchased AoS yesterday and only managing to assemble half of the lord celestial my son and I decided to have a game.
Our main objectives were to learn the rules.
Play until a clear winner emerged.
Not allow for now the more out there rules such as sudden death, and the amateur dramatic boosts such as facial hair, Mirrors, Dancing and talking to models like prince Charles talking to his plants, these seem like fun but can come later.


We set up terrain as per the rules on our 4 foot square board and ended up with 1 piece in each corner
Dreadstone blight
A wood in one a wood opposite it and
Skull island in the other

We divided the table straight down the Middle and gave the high elves the Dreadstone blight for the mage buff and wood.
The ogres had Skull Island and the other wood.

The Armies

We choose 2 armies Ogre Kingdoms vs High Elves.

We decided to look at taking the following
1 Lord/General
1 Wizard
1 warmachine – something shooty
What would in 8th have been termed Core troops to balance
And allow the ogres a giant to see how a Giant works in play

This worked out to 5 warscrolls and 60 wounds each

The armies as played
High Elves
Prince Imrik on a dragon
Repeater bolt thrower
22 Archers
20 Spearmen

Ogre Kingdoms
6 Bull Ogres

Evenish at 59/60 wounds

Thoughts on the first game

The game works well is fun to play.
And truly has for us an important style which is beer and pretzels for us its iron brew and cheese puffs !

We need to work out and play with more of the rules before we can use effectively. Rules such as magic which seem a bit vauge and innefective to us.

The result Elves win looks like the boy gets a bonus next game

Age of Sigmar

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Age of Sigmar

Purchased Age of Sigmar today.
First impressions of the models are they are excellent sculpts.
Some delicate parts but with minimal clean up and mold lines.
I intend to base coat them using an airbrush which is something I need to practice. Therefore we will see hows this goes in this blog entry. Pictures to come soon when some progress is made.
Also saw a demo game and speaking with other gamers and the store manager, who is serving his last day with GW. (So no reason to sell a poor product !) All agree things are very positive for AoS