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Here be Giants

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Giant Army

Prior to the realease of the Age of Sigmar. I had the idea of making an all Giant army for giggles and putting into a game of Whfb 8th. And to ignore the ruling that only allows one giant and just balance with points.

The thing about AoS is it should allow me to do just that !

So on this whim I decided to add to my existing 1 Ogre Kingdoms giant and scour for some giants, the intention to procure different types

One can never have enough Giants. And anyway every army can field them now so they all need to be based and clothed appropriately.

…(Reminds me of my parents – and Starwars Figures coversations, why do you need 3 Han Solos ?
Hansolo in his black suit. Hansolo in his Hoth winter Jacket, you get my point but it is essential that I collect them all !!)


Ebay first choice found 2 number current edition giants on a buy it now

A wargamming friend of mine had a metal goblin giant in a poor state but fixable

Another Ebay search yielded the final Giant (shhh dont tell the wife) for now
Which was the Tomb Kings bone giant again in metal

Would love to get and Albions Giant set and the Forge world one ! The first one being rare and pricey the later just being pricey so we will see.

Will post pictures once the Giants are completed

And even a battle report !!!

So Pictures of the Giants



2 more current edition giants procured these will be in construction early october 15

Started these giants a few days earlier than planned.

One will be a standard Ogre Kingdoms Giant the 2nd will be a chaos conversion.

13th May 16 -Just a thought ? GW do you read my blog ? (Doubt it) Just wondering as the sons of Behemat allows me to use my 5 giants perfectly.