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The War Corner #6

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Malifaux, The War Corner

Hi Welcome to The War Corner #6

A Belated Happy New year and thanks for reading !

So without further ado this is the after christmas and new year entry.

What did Old St Nick bring and what did I achieve

Well Father Christmas via war wife bought some more malifaux models so I now have a little Neverborn crew as well as arcanist crew deveolping.

Having some extra time but not as much as I would like I assembled and painted up the Arcanist crew I started at the begining of December.
With Malifaux I really wanted to experiment with unique bases for each models individual setting.

The Fire bases for the Fire Gamins came out quite well and is simply, sculpted liquid nails adhesive allowed to dry and painted

Please see Photos of the Arcanists which I have enjoyed painting and although not my best work they look ok on the table

I also started on the Neverborn crew, First was Teddy, which my daughter calls scary bear
Very simple to paint about 2 evenings work in with some other bits.

Next was the Poltergeist, I wanted the poltergeist to look really powerful rather than just throwing a few bits around a room which would be hard to do with a miniature anyway.
So I decided that my Neverborn crew would be mounted on floorboards and haunting a bedroom near you !

And that the Poltergeist would be throwing the floor boards from around him.
This was achived with a few scraps of balsa wood.
Again photos below.

As per Photos and Lastly for this TWC’s Mailfaux section.

Rasputina, the Hoarcat pride and Ice gamins complete,
Wendingo very near just finishing work.
The next job will be the assembly of the rest of the Neverborn, Including some Terror tots to be complete soon.



Work also continued to the remaining Ogres and the Beastclaw Avalance. Good news is during a xmas tidy up I found the missing sprues to the Thundertusk in a really useful box. “Useful being the word” and proceeded to mount the rear rope and riders.

For the second Thundertusk rider as TWC#5, I elected for him to be eating a rat, with a bit of sculpting and a Skaven rat, the ogre is now having a battle snack.

The Thundertusk was an ebay find and in a poor state with lots of the minor bits missing, the idea always was to do the Shop purchased Stonehorn, and then use the bits left to finish the Thundertusk. (2 for less than price of 2!)

The Thundertusk has 2 riders and during mounting I noticed that the front rider who already had the bridal arm fitted was siting far to high for the bridal straps to fit to the Thundertusks head, I couldnt remember if the rider sitting high was by my design or part of the original ebay problem, so I busted out the greenstuff and extended the Bridal straps. At the end of the day I am very Happy how the thundertusk turned out as he cost me about £8 from ebay and with a bit of work and parts from the Stonehorn has turned out ok.

I also carried out base coating and wash work to the Mourfang Cavalry

All in all a decent amount of work produced over Christmas without sacrificing family time.
Cant wait to put the Malifaux crew in action, over at a new Club I shall be frequenting.

Well it was my Birthday recently and my lovely wife obviously took the hints about christmas and bought me that malifaux starter set, and gave it to me before xmas for my b’day, she was quite intrigued about the contents… (what had her money bought ?)


Opening the box you can see the quick start rules and fate cards for the Guild and the Neverborn miniatures supplied


Underneath you get 2 tape measures
Character cards and Miniatures


On the Sprue you get miniatures

Everything you need to start a game

Looks like Malifaux

Posted: November 28, 2015 in Malifaux

So following on from the voices in my head Warwife has somewhat solved my dilema, it has been my birthday and my lovely wife has purchased me the malifaux starter set and the Arcanists December Children box set. Adding this to the few bits off of ebay we got recently a nice little crew is developing, more on malifaux as it progress’s, but without further ado I decided to assemble the razorspine rattler. After assembly and a rather large gap at the head, it was apparent that this is not a very assembly friendly model, after a quick google of the malifaux instructions and seeing that others have had issues, my modelling prowess was intact, time to bust out the kneadtite,

Photo below is a work in progress of the filling.


The extra spine needs attention as do the joints, but I think it is safe to say that this model as simple as it is needs some degree of modelling skill, I am not a great kneadtite user but am trying to improve my skills.