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Dreadstone Blight

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Scenery/Terrain

After a break from painting dreadstone blight. I decided to start it again in anticipation for some terrain to be ready for AoS. Although a long way from finished. The photo shows my attempt at doing a blue glow around the creature being summoned from behind the walls, work still needs to be done to the stonework and doorways- brass features and to rebuild the floors and stairs

Tip – Do not assemble the floors ! You will find it difficult nay impossible to paint the magic circle.

I dropped mine with a during a storage related balancing issue. (We all have those ! Items purched up high out of reach within a finger tip of reach) anyway the walls fell off as it hit the deck no damage, phew ! so this kickstarted my renewed interest in painting this piece.


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