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Visit to Warhammer World

Posted: September 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

So its been a while since my last post,

Alot has happened but i have still be active in the hobby and will post pictures of my efforts soon, work has been busy and me and war wife got married, as part of our honeymoon we wanted to go on a city break, the Wife suggested Nottingham and before my eyes lit up she said yes we can go to Warhammer world.

Before I post the photos I would actually recommend Nottingham as a town to visit,

It has a good mixture of bars and resturants of varying tastes, from swanky to heavy metal, i recommend the tap and tumbler an old boozer with a rock theme and live bands. we stayed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel so the wife could use the spa facilities which are very relaxing to be fair.

There is also the castle. Caves and The justice museum and the oldest pub in England called ye olde trip to Jerusalem, set into the castle caves in part. (Beware Ghosties)

Now for what you want to see

Photos of warhammer world

Main Entrance 40K display

Main Entrance AoS display

The Silver Tower

Seraphon display

The Skaven Display

The Imperial Army Display

The Main 40k display extremely impressive over 1200 scenery kits used and took 10 people 9 months.

I took many more photos but just added a few to give a flavour of the displays.

Bugmans bar is an inspiration for the man/hobby cave

You can also get exclusive merchandise on site not available anywhere else. I bought a Bugmans T-shirt

The space Marine which disapeared and was replaced by a Sigmar Liberator now has a place opposite the Rhino.

Photos to follow when the wife shares them. 

Thats about it plan a visit the wife, GF, partner might even like it if you tie it in with other things.

Welcome to my post to share tips and mistakes or potential pitfalls as I found them whilst constructing this new Games workshop box set.

With all minis I always recommend dry fitting parts so that you understand how they fit and to ensure you get a well constructed and finished model. Always a good idea to assess the abilty to paint a hard to reach part.

Day 1

Excelsior warpriest

With the set only a day old the first mini I have constructed is the Excelsior warpriest . I would recommend painting under the cape area prior to attaching it, I didnt thus ignoring my opening statement, and as a result this will be very difficult to paint under it later.
Build time 30 mins.

Next up

Ogroid Thaumauturge

The first tricky part of this is the first task. This is the tail to the legs, make sure the tail is down completely  to the top of the legs it has a flat area that sticks to the models leg tops again dry fit until happy both of the legs and tail fit correctly, when you are happy apply your glue.

The body can be tricky and needs glue sparingly as there is not much surface area to stick oposing parts together in places and if too much is used you will get in a pickle with sticky fingers and worse glue on the body.

With the body assembled it looks a bit weird but nearly finished, the book says fit the horns but exactly how they fit is difficult to work out even with a dry fit, I stuck on the face first and this gives the complete hole for the horns, they can then be fitted, again try dry first they come directly out best described as horizontal to the face. Use the loose 60mm base provided there is a misprint in the instructions.
Build time 45 mins.

Day 2.
Monday evenings are a bit of a TV night in our house with GoT and fear the walking dead latest episodes, still managed to construct a few minis

The 2 x Skaven and the 8 x Spider Goblins/Grot Scuttlings

Skaven Deathrunners

What you do notice with the Skaven is the increased detail as compared to previous incarnations.

The Skaven took about 10 mins each.

Grot Scuttlings

The 8 grots are very simple at about 5 mins each, the 16 pieces that make up the grots are fully interchangable for some varience. Not much too say regarding construction as they are very simple to construct, again good preperation and dry fitting should be used.

Day 3 A night of Horrors

The Horrors…. The Horrors Pink, Blue and Brimstone are not complicated to assemble but I do recommend that you dry fit them prior to using your glue.

The main problem with these are that they have a lot of delicate detail, you need to handle them carefully, I bent a finger on a pink horror its ok with a bit of glue and liquid green stuff but I doubt they will stand up to rough gameplay.

The Blue Horrors have a specific way of putting them together its kind of a slide together 2 pieces thing. And again dry fit first to see how the back of the head attatches to the body.

The Brimstone Horrors live up to there name, be careful clipping these of the sprue, and take your time they are tincy tiny ! Scraping the bottom of them to mount on the base was difficult it felt that they would break with every scrape.
Build time approximately 1.5 hours for 8 with some tv and a few cigarettes in between.

Day 4

The Tzaangors

So far the most difficult models to put together particularly 10c.
Again dry fit
Take Part I4 and part I5 put the leg/chainmail part together from behind at 45 degress and bring the top over to align the shoulder in a hinging motion.
Ensure the back of his robes are lined up with no gap, when happy with the fit commit the glue. Parts I6 and I8 are fiddly but there is a hole and a pin to align. Dry fit then glue to the arm shoulder and I7 should slot in. The first one took about 30mins to work out the second being in the know about 10mins.

10a was not too difficult and 10b again dry fit to appreciate how part I2 and I1 fit.

Once constructed they are nice models

Day 5

I hit up the models made so far with skull white spray and left to dry and carried out a mould line and green stuff inspection, more on that later.

Day 6

After a trip to my local GW for a white dwarf and the vibrant pinks for the horrors as it is a paint colour I have rarely used so far nor possess it was time to look at the next up models.

Chaos Familiars

Simple 1 part models. Clip em clean em stick em to the base. Less than 5 minutes each.

Day 7

Kairic Acolytes

These are not too difficult but could be fiddly. I recommend leaving of the shields to make painting easier. And I found the sticking the 2 body parts together first then attaching to the base and leaving to dry allows the arm to be persuaded to stick, as the arms will need to be held in place for a while until set occurs, and being on the base makes handling easier. Construction time about 1.5 Hours for all 6 as there is also a lot of mould line cleaning at least on mine.

Day 8

Being a lazy bank holiday Monday I had lots of time today.

Knight Questor

After clipping and mould line cleaning I hit the cloak inside with some white spray as this will hard to reach later.

I assembled the hole model , you may want to leave of the shield arm for access but shouldnt be too difficult to paint behind so I attached it.

Build time 30mins including spray time.

Fireslayer Doomseeker

Fairly easy to assemble, would recommend tweezers for attaching the adornments to the belt as these can be fiddly. Build tome 20mins

Darkoath Chieftan

Another easy mini, note you get an alternative option of him holding a head that the book does not show you for his left hand. Build time 20mins

Mistweaver Saih

This one looks a bit daunting, just dry fit until happy and you should be ok.
Part 8e looks like it goes on the back of its head rather than the front of the face it is supposed to have a blank face. This part is actually his left shoulder pad. Build time 20mins

Tenebrael Shard

This one can be a bit fiddly part 7g is riduiculously tiny even to clip and prep let alone handle, just make sure you get it up the right way round and use the hole provided to attach.

4g the belt can be tricky pass over the back rune banner and clip in, dry fit first.
The arms can be a bit fiddly but again dry fit by twisting in the socket gently until its fit feels right.

Build time 20 mins

Gaunt Summoner

Once you have assembled the body or robe I noted a little green stuff will be needed on the joints.

Part 7d looks a bit strange the 2 side bits form the rest of the shoulder pads again a little green stuff may be needed here after assembly and the front piece goes to the front to form the pin locator for piece 8d

Attach 10d to 9D first and allow to dry
As you will see the hand at the top of sword in flames coming out of the book attaches to his right arm, assembling first allows correct pisition of both the bottom arm and top had correctly, without doing it you may end up with the book arm commited incorrectly and working 4 joints with glue at the same time can be hard to hold in place.

Build time 25 mins

Thats all completed time to hit the rest up with undercoat and paint/play more in that later.


Now to start painting as much as possible prior to that first game !

First up

Pink Horrors

1. Spray with Skull White
2. 2x Thinned basecoat of Pink Horror
3. Heavy wash of Carabourg Crimson particularly at the ends of the arms and legs.

Blue Horrors

1. Spray with Skull White
2. Base with Stegadon Green Scale
3. Layer with Temple Guard Blue

Brimstone Horrors

1. Spray with Skull White
2. Base coat with Flash Gits Yellow
3. 2x wash with Casandora Yellow
4. Wash around feet with very thin wash of Coiela Green shade if desired
5. Stick some bits of sprue rubble or plasticard on and base coat with brown texture paint. Drybrush with skaven dinge and codex grey, or similar mid tone grey


Ogroid Thaumaturge


Additional Heroes

With the cross compatibility of AoS and Silver Tower you can have additional heroes within the game, most of us will have many from AoS we can use.

No Ogre Kingdoms (Ogor) Hero or Denisan though 😦 unles you count the Thaumaturge

Skink Warpriest, I had previoulsy painted this little dude for my Seraphon

Necromancer, I have purchased this guy for my Death army.

To be continued….as i progress…

Today I purchased Warhammer Quest Silver Tower…. I didnt intend to but it was my local stores 2nd anniversary so I went down and well it looked awesome ideal for the coffee table at home. Has some awesome figures and cross overs to AoS, and if i bother to dust off some of my other hoardings I actually have about half of the additional characters. On talking to the wife whilst she was making up for my £95 purchase in the clothes shops She has expressed and interest in a game !!.

So without further ado lests look at the contents


The box art as sealed


The box is rammed packed with goodies


Rulebooks cards and dice





Dungeon Tiles







And the all important sprues





So over the next few weeks I hope to construct these play and get some paint on them, and put up a blog post about these.

There is also an app and a hero expansion.
I am Looking forward to further expansions and one that would satisfy my only dissapointment so far is no ogre hero ?!?

So I ventured to my local GW store realising it had been at least 2 months since my last visit, this is due to distractions such as x wing and malifaux, I went in to pick up 2 pots of paint a few new brushes and maybe the latest white dwarf.

I pondered over death and seraphon kits
As a new army choice for AoS even considering the lets get started sets (ex battalion)

I walked out with Dark Vengence
6 paints 4 brushes,
The Dark Angels codex
And 2 months worth of back issues of white dwarf.
They saw me coming that day !!
At least its something new to model and play not that I need anything new.

X Wing 3rd play and my new board

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

This Game was an Introductory game to my 12 year old son, I suppose this demonstrates the ease of X Wing to play if you are considering it, as I could demonstrate after only 3 games,

My son had the 2 x wing core tie’s and I took the IG200. This was about 47 points each and was the best we could field with my limited collection.

We didnt finish the game but 1 tie was a burning wreck and both of us had only 1 hull each left so a draw was declared as we had backed into a corner and it was likely that the ensuring movement phase would see us both of the board,

Prior to this Game I sprayed up a board for use at home, a Photo of this board in play below. Good enough for me to play on. The white line is the 3ft mark giving a 6 inch shelf around on a 4ft board for cards and game detritus.


The 2 planets came out well the stars do not show up that well in the photo

X wing 2nd play

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My Force Awakens X wing boxed set arrived, so with the required basics aquired I set of on procuring scum and villany ships as this faction is not represented at my club.
My aquisitions a new IG200 and a Starviper from ebay for a song as it didnt have all of the upgrade cards. However this gave me 100 points to play a game against my usual oponent.

The first Game saw my Scummy Villans facing a millenium falcon and a YT2400 very hard to kill especially against an experienced foe, with the starviper gone and the IG down to 1 damage it was all over with a school boy asteroid collision.

The second game saw the Scummy Villans, facing 5 a wings, with the a wings being all placed first this gave me the advantage of being able to place my 2 ships on opposing wings and try to close in with a bull horn zulu type pincer movement and get in along the sides or behind, A wings fell burning from the sky and with both my ships closing in on the last X wing and no hope of a win my opponent declared giving me my first win, suprising really as one of our other wargaming buddies jokingly accused my opponent of being nasty to a noob, and as another expeienced player had lost to his A wing strategy the week prior.

Xwing Win : loss ratio with Scum and Villany 1:1 not counting the intro game.

X-Winging its way to me shortly

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

So took the plunge and purchased the new x wing box set after playing an introductory game with my buddy, and am awaiting delivery via royal snail.

My initial thoughts on X wing are it has a cheap entry level, and is playable straight out of the box. Set up time is quick and the game is fun.
After entry level it may be get a little expensive but no more expensive than any other game, it depends I guess how obsessive you want to be, therefore expensive haha “You gotta get em all”.

I am hoping to convert my Brother to at least one wargame in my life and this may be the one, he hates the idea of having to have to paint and assemble miniatures, for me thats the biggest part of the hobby, but when the box arrives we shall see ?

X wing does present the usual problems storage and transport of not only miniatures but cards, but is quite compact, I have thought of some solutions whilst waiting and maybe I will make a blog entry in my solution in the future, I am also looking at painting a space board.

“War wife in the background rolls eyes as if to say not another bit of 4 foot wood in the house”

Thats it for now more on X-wing soon.   

Malifaux First Play

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So my Wargaming buddy joined a Tuesday night gaming club late last year and invited me along.

We decided to play Malifaux, hence my feverish xmas Malifaux model building and painting.

Unbeknowing to each other I started a Arcanist crew. My buddy already had one so we decided on a Arcanists civil war or leadership power struggle and went for 30 soulstones

I had never played Malifaux so my buddy was a very good sport in showing me how to play.

He won as usual but I got my first play out of it, learned alot and am intrigued by then mechanics of this game.

We attracted a fair bit of attention also.

The club made me feel very welcome and I knew a few guys from my local GW store.

With the Samction of Warwife Tuessday seems to be the new game time.

Photo of set up, I had moved 1 Ice Gamin forward when I took the pic.


I took my december children less 2 ice gamins so I could test the Hoarcat and the Fire Gamin. I also took the Razorspine Rattler.

My Bud had a Metal Golem which killed me in the end and as usual he flipped cards like he roles dice, and so did I, no suprise I lost then.!!

The War Corner #5

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

With my Malifaux crew almost complete it was time to give the Ogres some attention again .

The thundertusk is almost complete but I have been playing with a few conversions also –
a simple one was that I wanted was to have the blood vulture for the thundertusk on the ogres shoulder and maybe the ogre feeding the Vulture
The vulture is done complete with new kneadtite feet


I need to work out the food maybe a small skaven rat/mouse as I am trying to tie all my armies together slightly
You will notice on some miniatures the clothing and stolen bits are themed from Skaven, Wood Elves, Lizardmen (Seraphon) , High Elves and Kislev all victims of the Ogres Hunger

That brings me onto my second conversion, having procured all of the GW maneaters I wanted to add a few more and get them all on the table also.
I have always wanted a Skaven Rat Ogre maneater and toyed with just proxying one in, but it looks just that so I was having a rumage in the bits box and come across all the necessary parts and cobbled them together with a bit of cutting and kneadtite, a Maneater emerged with tales of how he survived the sick mutations of clan Moulder, however that Vermin had given him the advantage of having his weapon permanently installed and an extra hand to shovel in more meat to his new furry head.
He also gained a thicker tale and a warpstone spine.
He may develop a few more prior to painting.
I had to add muscle definition and extend thenfur from the arms to gide the joints.




The Rise of the Lizardman

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my post about Warhammer fantasy lizardmen.
Gamesworkshop have kind of updated the Lizardmen for AoS one assumes all the others will follow. I have, well my Son has asked if he can have a lizardman army, to which I easily agreed.
Imagine his dismay when the Lizards were not available last week, they are now back with a fluff change and a war tomb book. The warsroll app has a few changes also from lizardmen to seraphon.

So therefore this post will be about the development of the lizard army and getting the boy involved in painting them up seeing as he has expressed an interest.

My daughter is all about the Wood Elves so we will see about getting her involved also.