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The War Corner #4

Posted: December 8, 2015 in The War Corner

Welcome to the war corner

I am currently working on finishing the Ogre Kingdoms army and the Beastclaw Avalance, more on that later, below is a picture of my Razorspine Rattler for Malifaux, a bit quick and dirty but speaking to my usual wargame buddy he also has a malifaux crew so the pressure is on to field my crew.


More from Malifaux latter as I am now building my December Children.


Update. Finished Ice Golem

I am finding malifaux crews easy to paint up to a reasonable tabletop standard quickly, The Golem is about 4 hours including assembly.

Looks like Malifaux

Posted: November 28, 2015 in Malifaux

So following on from the voices in my head Warwife has somewhat solved my dilema, it has been my birthday and my lovely wife has purchased me the malifaux starter set and the Arcanists December Children box set. Adding this to the few bits off of ebay we got recently a nice little crew is developing, more on malifaux as it progress’s, but without further ado I decided to assemble the razorspine rattler. After assembly and a rather large gap at the head, it was apparent that this is not a very assembly friendly model, after a quick google of the malifaux instructions and seeing that others have had issues, my modelling prowess was intact, time to bust out the kneadtite,

Photo below is a work in progress of the filling.


The extra spine needs attention as do the joints, but I think it is safe to say that this model as simple as it is needs some degree of modelling skill, I am not a great kneadtite user but am trying to improve my skills.

One can never be sure what she thinks haha but this post is not delving into any psycology about the differences between the male and female kind !

This Post is to get the opinion via unboxings of someone with a slight interest in wargames by association with me !
The wife who has recently played and beat me at a game of warhammer fantasy AoS, and is very supportive of the hobby.

With my new/old interest in games outside of GW and the wife taking a greater interest, I thought it would make an interesting article to get her opinion of models and rules via unboxings, as a noob and as she slowly realises she is being dragged into the world of wargaming.

She can possibly offer a new fresher perspective over a fan of nearly 30 years, who enjoys all aspects of wargaming but mainly handles GW products.

First up..


Both the wife and I quite like the look of Malifaux. I have therefore started to pick up a few miniatures, to see the quality before commiting fully to play and collect/paint these.

So What does the wife think ?…

I like the look of the arcanists so we have picked up a few miniatures to get a feel for them sealed from ebay.

The miniatures as follows

Fire Gamin.
Razorspine Rattler.
Horecat pride.

The wifes review
Blimey there smaller than GW.

Ooh you get the cards with them you dont need to buy books or print bits of paper.(Warscrolls Dear.. Warsrolls.)

So I proceeded to show various pictures of the main characters and a you tube video of malifaux.

I like them very steam punk. (Which is my girls style) you want them for Christmas…

Erm yeah… google links… rule book and arcanists….sent as a text message for her reference, job done.